How to submit a play or musical to Samuel French.

We are now accepting submissions.

What sort of submissions do we consider?

We only accept scripts for performance on stage; please do not send us screenplays or novels.

We are happy to read work from agented and unagented playwrights, however we will only consider new titles for publication if they have got an upcoming professional performance or have already been professionally performed.

Please note, we are not accepting submissions of:

  • One-act plays under 30 minutes
  • Pantomimes

We are happy to read, but rarely accept:

  • Plays or musicals for one performer
  • Adaptations of classic literature

How to submit plays and musicals to us

Your submission email

Subject line: TITLE OF YOUR PLAY, Your Name

In the body of your email, please include the following:

  • The title of your play, your name and contact information, and agent details (if applicable).
  • Short synopsis including relevant information about casting requirements, genre, plot etc.
  • Production history, beginning with the year the plan was written.
  • List of upcoming productions.
  • A short author biography.
  • Links to reviews, video clips, your website and social media (if you have them), and anything else you feel is relevant to the submitted work.
  • If your submission is a musical please include links to online music clips, if available.

Please attach a ten-page sample of your play or musical as a PDF only. If we are interested, we will contact you for a full script.

Naming this file: Please include your play title and your name.

Ready to submit your play?

When your file is formatted and ready to send, please email it with your cover email to

How should scripts be formatted?


  • All text should be single-spaced, in a readable font.
  • When separating characters’ lines or longer stage directions, double space.
  • All stage directions in italics.
  • All character names in CAPITAL LETTERS AND BOLD.
  • Please add a space between character name and dialogue.
  • All song lyrics should be in ALL CAPS, with one indent. (Note that one indent is 12 spaces in Times New Roman).
  • Please state essential and optional props/ set/ lighting/ sound/ effects information so it is clear how the play can be staged.




  • Song/number titles are bold italics, indented as stage directions. Titles are capitalised. Additional information about the title is lowercase and separated from the song title by a en-dash
  • For example. SONG: “CAREFREE DAYS ARE HERE” - Reprise w/ Chorus
  • Other music-related/sound design directions should be listed as regular parentheticals
  • For lyrics, the character name is on a line by itself, followed by the ALL CAPS lyric style