Acting Editions

The iconic Samuel French Acting Edition, redesigned and ready for you.

We asked you how you actually use our scripts, then we went back to the drawing board and totally rethought our Acting Editions, from the ground up. You can recognise our new Acting Editions by their distinctive white and red covers. Here are some of the most exciting new features...

Available in your choice of size and binding

Because we know every theatre maker and reader is different, we now offer a choice of formats to suit the way you work. Handily though, whichever format you choose, page numbers are the same across all editions, so there'll be no confusion in the rehearsal room (well, no confusion caused by page numbers, anyway).

Our regular paperback book at our regular size, perfect if you like to keep things classic.

The same size as the Standard Edition, but with a sturdy, easy-to-fold, easy-to-hold, spiral-bound spine. Ideal for use in rehearsal .

A4 size and spiral-bound, with larger text and a blank page for notes opposite every page. Perfect for technical and directing use.

PLUS We've also made hundreds of our existing books available in these formats (though without all the other features of the super-duper new Acting Edition). Look out for format choices on the book's product page on our site.

Easier to Read, Easier to Use

A larger, clearer font so it's easier to read in rehearsal

Bigger margins for all your notes and moments of inspiration

Extra features to help you bring the play to life

The Acting Edition is designed with theatre makers in mind, so many of our books include handy production features. These vary from script to script, but can include...

  • Character lists & descriptions
  • Set diagrams
  • Sound and lighting cue lists
  • Author notes
  • Property lists
  • Production notes
  • Author biography
  • Original production details