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 A Bunch of Amateurs A BUNCH OF AMATEURS
Ian Hislop & Nick Newman
 Morecambe MORECAMBE
Tim Whitnall
 Welcome to our Village WELCOME TO OUR VILLAGE...
Eddie Robson
 Beyond the Pole BEYOND THE POLE
Neil Warhurst & Paul Barnhill
 Taking Charlie TAKING CHARLIE
Neil Warhurst
 Raising Martha RAISING MARTHA
David Spicer
 Saving Jason SAVING JASON
Peter Quilter
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Hidden Gems Welcome to Our Village Stop! The Play Half of Me

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Hidden Gems
Hidden Gems are wonderful shows we want people to perform more - so you can license them for a third less than our standard fees. Learn more and see the full range

Staff Favourite
Once Upon a Time

Once Upon at Time at the Adelphi
by Phil Wilmott
This is a real gem of a show. Set in the iconic Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool, it cleverly weaves between the hotel's roaring glamorous past and the present day, following the love story of four young staff members across the ages. Combining the best of golden age style company numbers and contemporary British musical theatre, Adelphi is perfect for groups looking from something a little bit different.

   Oli Gordon |  Licensing Team


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