by: Samuel Adamson

by: Samuel Adamson


- And your husband forgave you. But what did you do? Decided that forgiveness was offensive and walked out on your marriage. With nothing. Into nothing.

- Into everything, I think.

It’s 1959. Robert leaves Ibsen’s A Doll’s House outraged by its attack on the sanctity of marriage; his wife Daisy dashes round to the stage door, in love with both Nora and the actress who plays her, thrilled by their promise of escape.

Daisy is at the crossroads. Her moral compass tells her to go one way, society the other. What she chooses to do next will have consequences not just for her and Robert, but for four couples who come after them over ninety years.

The truth is we have to give up parts of ourselves if we want to be with someone. And what if, before you know this, you run away from the wrong person?

Samuel Adamson’s Wife premiered at Kiln Theatre, London, in May 2019.


Samuel Adamson

Samuel Adamson’s plays include Frank & Ferdinand(National Theatre Connections), Southwark Fair, (National Theatre), Mrs. Affleck(from Ibsen’s Little Eyolf, National Theatre), Boston Manor(Theatre 503/Theatre Voice), Fish and Company(National Youth Theatre/Soho Theatre), Clocks and Whistles(Bush Theatre and Origin T ...

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