Shows that we've seen, read and loved recently, all highly recommended by Samuel French staff.


Alan Ayckbourn

Comprising of five one-act plays which are all interconnected, ROUNDELAY can be performed in any order which makes for an interesting dynamic. I love plays that offer a ‘fly-on-the-wall’ experience of characters attempting to navigate their way through life and all the confusions and struggles that come with it!

Suggested by Lucy Steward – Licensing Team


David Spicer

STOP!...THE PLAY is about a theatre group trying to present a play but an invisible playwright is rewriting the script daily and moments before the performance. Add to this a crazed director and a escaped monkey and you have a great send-up of everything bad and brilliantly funny about theatre.

Suggested by Peter Smith – Licensing Team

The Spitfire Grill

Fred Alley, James Valcq, Lee David Zlotoff

Set in an isolated town in Wisconsin, this show is all about acceptance and belonging. Despite initial prejudice about new Parolee, Percy, friendship and community spirit blooms. This musical oozes heart, with truthful, challenging characters for actors to sink their teeth into, and a gorgeous country score, including songs like ‘Shine’ and ‘Wild Bird’ that haunt you long after you hear them.

Suggested by Bonnie Widger – Licensing Team


Emma Dennis Edwards

Seventeen-year-old Angelique’s knowledge of flowers is “bare strong.” She can’t wait to finish college and run her own shop and maybe arrange flowers for London Fashion Week one day. But her mum is in prison, she has been taken into social care and is alone in dealing with her abusive “boyfriend” Mickey. This monologue play is her story, and it sounds just like her: clever, funny, full of life, heart-breaking, but with a great deal of hope.

Suggested by Maria Lomunno – Retail Team

Nigel Slater's Toast 

By Nigel Slater and Henry Fillloux-Bennet

Young Nigel Slater takes us along his everyday life, through childhood to early adulthood, with a mixture of charm, devastating tragedy and most importantly, food. Food is home, food is comfort and food also can carry a lot of sentimental value. The story is heart-warming, and the cast is absolutely superb.

Suggested by Tomas Canet - Retail Team