Every Inch a King

by  Joe Corrie

Short Play, Comedy  /  4m, 2f

In Surbania is the last remaining royal family in the world.

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Every Inch a King

by  Joe Corrie

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    4m, 2f
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    • Teen (Age 14 - 18)

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In Surbania is the last remaining royal family in the world. As a result the country has become something of a show place for tourists. The principal item of show is, naturally, the unhappy monarch, King Gentle, who is made to dress up in endless uniforms, each more splendid than the last. Suddenly he rebels, telling Jeseeka, this Queen, that he willnever wear a uniform again, and his ministers, Wobbleton and Potts, that if they want him to open tomorrow's exhibition at all he will onl ydo it in his plus-fours and old green hat. This precipitates a crisis as the two ministers, with their vested interests, are only too well aware that without the royal pomp Surbania would cease to exist. The bane of King Gentle's life is his mother-in-law, the Countess Cissy. When she insists that he opens the exhibition in his plus-fours and green hat and cycles there as well, he immediately demands more and finer uniforms to spite her and orders her immediate deportation. The two ministers are delighted. The Countess explains to them that all it requires to make the King say white is for her to say black, and that now she will tell the King what excellent ministers he has in the two of them - a remark the full significance of which sinks only slowly into their consciousnesss. 
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  • Minimum Fee: £30 per performance plus VAT when applicable.



  • Setting: An apartment, in the Royal Palace. 


4m, 2f
4M 2F
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