Frost on the Rose

by  T.B. Morris

Full Length Play, Drama  /  1m, 10f

Frost on the Rose is a tense and riveting historical drama

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Frost on the Rose

by  T.B. Morris

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  • Cast Size

    Cast Size

    1m, 10f
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    • Adult
    • Senior
    • Teen (Age 14 - 18)



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  • Minimum Fee: £55 per performance plus VAT when applicable.



  • Time Period: 16th Century / Elizabethan


1m, 10f

Lady Jane Grey: late teens to early twenties. Studious, good-natured, naive. She lives for her books and her faith but has little idea of how to deal with the complexities of court life. The inner strength she finds as events unfold gives her the resolution to do what is best for her people but she lacks the vital skill of diplomacy that might save her life.

The Duchess of Suffolk: 35 – 60. Jane's mother. Niece to Henry VIII she is described as having 'all the bad qualities of the Tudors and none of their greatness'. Boisterous, cruel, proud and unscrupulous in her pursuit of ambition. She uses Jane as a means to put herself in a more prominent position.

Lady Eleanor Brandon: 30 – 60. Jane's aunt. A few years younger than her sister, she is a more cautious and wiser woman, but by no means lacking in strength of character.
The Duchess of Northumberland: 30 – 60. A 'friend' of Suffolk's, she also has ambitions but for her husband rather than herself alone. Poised and with a good deal of self-control she is complicit in her husband's scheming for power. 

Mistress Ellen: 30+. An attendant on Jane. She is a firm but kindly woman who keeps order in the Suffolk's household. Having been her nurse, she is very protective of Jane leading her to often forget her station. 

Kate: Late teens - 20's. A serving maid. Light-hearted and talkative, Kate has a soft spot for Richard, which gets the both of them on the wrong side of Ellen. She is very fond of Jane. 

Richard: Late teens - 30's. A page to the Duke of Suffolk. Richard is a little bit of a rogue; he enjoys flirting with Kate at every opportunity and winding Ellen up. He remains loyal to Jane until the end. 

Princess Mary: 30's. The eldest daughter of Henry VIII and her brother's original successor. She is obstinate and serious in her beliefs. She tries to show kindness to Jane, however, their disagreements over religion create a deep conflict. 

Princess Elizabeth: Late teens - 20's. The youngest daughter of Henry VIII. Elizabeth is high-spirited and carefree. Her intelligence makes her fond of Jane, however, Elizabeth is fully aware of how to play the game and she plays it well, flirting with danger but just staying on the right side of the sword.

1st, 2nd, 3rd women: Any age. They represent the common people of London, and intersperse the scenes of the nobility. They are boisterous, loud, and rough. Three great parts for actors with comedic skills and the ability to create strong characters.

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