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Office hours are 9.30 am to 5.30 pm Monday to Friday

The Samuel French Theatre Bookshop, London

French's Theatre Bookshop closed its doors for the last time on April 12th.   We’d like to thank our loyal customers from all over the world who’ve supported our bookshop through the years. We’ve loved meeting and helping you all, and we’re very grateful that the shop has played such an important part in the theatre community.

Please note our new office address from 21st April 2017: 24 - 32 Stephenson Way, London NW1 2HD


We remain resolutely committed to theatre bookselling, and continue to sell a full range of plays and theatre books (from both Samuel French and other publishers) through our well established and growing online shop.  We offer the same selection, expertise and support online that has made our London bookshop such an invaluable resource. 

Our range includes:

  • Single Plays and Author collections
  • Monologues and Audition Material
  • Biographies
  • Acting books
  • Shakespeare Plays and Criticism
  • Theatre History and Practice books
  • Educational books
  • Technical theatre books
  • Educational books
  • Books on Writing and Drecting
  • Film Books
  • Theatre Gifts