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84 Charing Cross Road - Full Length Play, Drama

84 Charing Cross Road

James Roose Evans, James Roose-Evans

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Full Length Play, Drama

3m, 4f

ISBN: 9780573110054

84 Charing Cross Road
by Helene Hanff
Adapted for the stage by James Roose-Evans

"Charming, charming, charming....A gently touching hands across the sea chronicle, sentimental in the best sense of the word." - The New York Daily News

"Warm, moving, civilized. A wonderful evening on Broadway." - WABC TV

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Full Length Play


Adaptations (Literature)

Settings Of Play - Split set: an apartment and bookshop


Interior Set

This wonderful show is a dramatization of business letters between a young struggling writer in New York and an antiquarian book store in London. In a sense, these are also love letters. They are about the love of good literature. The play takes place over a twenty year period, beginning in 1949 when Helene Hanff (played on Broadway by Ellen Burstyn) first writes Marks & Co. and ends in 1969 with the death of Frank Doel, the delightfully dusty supplier of so many old volumes to Helen who has shown her gratitude through the years by sending "care packages" to the staff of Marks & Co.
"An evening of enchantment and charm the like of which is rarely encountered in the theatre." - What's On in London


3m, 4f


Expandable casting


Plus 1M extra


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Markku Sario 25/10/2016 10:11
This is a decades-long correspondence between a feisty New York bibliophile and a proper London bookseller during WWII.  They never meet face to face, but slowly develop an affectionate relationship through the mails.  A delightful, literate script.
Jim McGuckin 18/12/2014 12:58
I have never seen this play on stage, or the film version with Anne Bancroft.  But, having read it makes me want to order a DVD from Netflix,  I am not a theater professional, just an interested amateur who enjoys watching good productions, whether live or filmed.

I would rate this script three stars out of five.  It is an interesting subject, but has little dramatic tension.  and so it fails to "grab" me.

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