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The Wheelchair on My Face; Charolais; The Humours of Bandon (Modern Plays)

The Wheelchair on My Face; Charolais; The Humours of Bandon (Modern Plays)

ISBN: 9781350041486

This hilarious volume brings together three funny, vibrant and theatrical monologue plays for female performers.

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: Paperback
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The Wheelchair on My Face by Sonya Kelly Sonya tells her story about growing up with poor vision that went undiagnosed until she was seven years old. Combining memoir, theatre and stand-up comedy, this delightful story of a myopic child shows us how we can better the world even if we cannot see the world. Charolais by Noni Stapleton A dark comedy of love, longing and an intense rivalry with a Charolais cow. Siobhan is forced to share the affections of her farmer boyfriend with his beloved, prize-winning French heifer. Overcome with desire, Siobhan develops a homicidal jealousy for this cow, while feeling equally murderous towards her snobbish, soon-to-be mother in law. The Humours of Bandon by Margaret McAuliffe Nobody knows where their five year old will take that first after-school activity. To the surprise of her mother, Annie takes it all the way to the top - of the Irish Open Dancing Championships. Armed with optimism, drive and passion, Annie's about to learn that life doesn't always go according to plan. Developed as part of Show in a Bag, an artist development initiative of Dublin Fringe Festival; Fishamble: The New Play Company; and Irish Theatre Institute to resource theatre makers and actors. The plays were then produced by Fishamble, touring throughout Ireland, the UK, USA and Europe.
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