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Mushroom Pickers, The - Full Length Play, Drama

Mushroom Pickers, The

Jaki McCarrick

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Full Length Play, Drama

4m, 2f

ISBN: 9780573111013

“In London I’d battle with the memory of these bumpy hills and the mist of an autumn evening that hangs over every Monaghan lake - because I’d think to myself that it was all so sentimental, that I’d best be forgetting it, and carve into my brain once and for all that I was better off where I was...As soon as I saw them again I wanted to nestle into those hills like a baby. I don’t miss what I left, but I’ve not found whatever I came home for either.”

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: Acting Edition

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Full Length Play


Set in the border ‘bandit’ country of County Monaghan, The Mushroom Pickers tells the story of Laura, an accomplished actor who leaves her career in London when her life unexpectedly changes course. A self-confessed ‘square peg in a round hole,’ she returns home to join her father, Philip, to work in the local mushroom tunnels. Here Frank McElroy, manager of the family-run business and proponent of the wilder variety of mushroom, takes a shine to Laura and shares with her his dream of wooing the restaurateurs of Ireland and beyond. But Frank has a secret – and so does Laura.


4m, 2f

Jaki McCarrick

Jaki McCarrick

Jaki McCarrick is an award-winning writer. Her play, Leopoldville, won the 2010 Papatango Prize for New Writing, and her most recent play, Belfast Girls, developed at the National Theatre Studio, London, was shortlisted for the 2012 Susan Smith Blackburn Prize and the 2014 BBC Tony Doyle Award. It recently premiered in Chicago to much critical acclaim. Jaki’s short story, The Visit, won the 2010 ... view full profile

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William Castellan 19/12/2015 20:55
The "local girl comes back home from the big city" story isn't new, but McCarrick makes it her own.  A lovely piece about family, finding yourself, and connecting or missing connections with the people around you.  And, always in the background, the slowly quieting "Troubles" that can't be avoided on the Irish border.

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