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Chad Beckim

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Full Length Play, Drama

4m, 2f

ISBN: 9780573700484

"A compassionate portrait of a man struggling with the challenges of socializing . . . and the anger he still feels for having his youth unjustly destroyed. " - The New York Times


: Acting Edition
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Full Length Play


90 minutes

Time Period - Contemporary, Present Day

Settings Of Play - Present Day New York City.


Unit Set/Multiple Settings

Contemporary Costumes / Street Clothes


Intense Adult Themes, Strong Language




College Theatre / Student, Community Theatre, Professional Theatre

When a wrongfully imprisoned man is exonerated by DNA evidence after seventeen years in prison, he is forced to re-assimilate into a cold, foreign world of toothbrush shopping, doggy day care, and a friendship with an anxious young woman with secrets of her own.

"A compassionate portrait of a man struggling with the challenges of socializing . . . and the anger he still feels for having his youth unjustly destroyed. " - The New York Times

"Carefully, and with human detail, explores just how important our formative years are to us. And shows us just how scary the world might look if we they were taken from us with force" - New York Theatre Review

"Human-scale social drama, approached quietly, one foot in front of the other, with compassion and courage" - Vulture, the culture blog of New York Magazine

After. is a keenly observed portrait of not only of adjusting to a changed world but of reconciling anger with the imperative of moving on with life... Takes you on a moving journey that sets you off thinking, in this state of all states, the permanence of the damage done the wrongfully convicted!” - Chicago Tribune

“Highly Recommended!... A moving, thoughtful, strongly acted, 90-minute drama.” - Chicago Sun-Times

“Chad Beckham’s play After. is a well researched, fascinating, carefully crafted piece of theater and he masterfully weaves in and out of this emotional pathos as we are introduced to characters that test Monty’s resolve.” - Showbiz Chicago

"This concentrated drama nails the plight of an exonerated prisoner now facing his fears of freedom. Rich with telling details... An appropriately fragmented look at Monty’s return from nearly two decades of wrongful imprisonment.” - Chicago Theatre Beat

After. is a thought-provoking tale about being cheated out of half of a lifetime. The plot is compelling and the characters are quirky. Chad Beckim provides multiple ramifications of false imprisonment... Transfixing!” - Chicago Now

After., a hauntingly powerful work by Chad Beckim, is a subtle yet moving drama filled with unique characters struggling with personal quirks. The 90 minute drama is a haunting look at the devastating effects of imprisonment . Monty’s struggle to put things behind him and move on in life are emotionally rendered in this well-acted and finely written work!" - ChicagoCritic.com

"In this well written play, each character finds themselves changing and adjusting to the world they live in, or rather, the world they should be living in.” - Around the Town Chicago

After. was first produced by Partial Comfort Productions at The Wild Project in New York, New York in September 2011.  The performance was directed by Stephen Brackett.


4m, 2f


Adherence to Monty and Liz as Latinos is strongly encouraged; while color blind casting is always encouraged, it's a different piece if you stray from this specific casting.


N/A (Not a musical)

MONTY - mid-30s; Latino.
LIZ - mid-30s; Latina; Monty's sister.
CHAP - 40s-50s; any ethnicity.
WARREN - 30s; Indian.
SUSIE - early 30s; Asian.
EDDIE - mid-to-late 30s; any ethnicity.
Rental Materials


N/A (Not a musical)


N/A (Not a musical)

Chad Beckim

Chad Beckim

Chad Beckim is a New York City based playwright whose writing credits include …a matter of choice, `nami (which received its West Coast premiere at the Hayworth Theatre in Los Angeles in October, 2007), Lights Rise on Grace (Winner, Outstanding Play, 2007 NY Inti’l. Fringe Festival; Finalist for the 2007 Princess Grace Award; Finalist for Ojai Playwrights’ Conference), The Main(e) Play ... view full profile

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Kati Frazier 13/05/2013 12:24
The title of “After.” says much about this play with it’s simplicity. This is not just the story of Monty adjusting to life after imprisonment, it’s the story of the missing parts of that sentence in the title. Where he was and why he was there are cloudy and unspoken facts. His journey to rejoin the world hinges on his ability to fill in everything before that period in the title. That shame, trepidation, bitterness, and fear rule his life. Chad Beckim doles out this story artfully, never giving us more than we need and letting us discover Monty’s past as he comes to terms with it.

The charm of this play comes from the awkwardness of Monty’s re-entry into society. As crossing the street and buying toothbrushes become surreal and overwhelming activities, we see a vulnerability in him that brings out the same in others. His interactions with Susie are particularly wonderful, his silence and decisiveness are perfectly juxtaposed with her over-assertive and verbose personality.

In Monty’s new life, and that of everyone around him, we see imprisonment recreated time and again emotionally and metaphorically. Getting out of a physical prison does not make him free. As Monty finds freedom, and regains human connections, “After.” artfully dodges sentimentality. Instead, the story offered here is honest, heartfelt, and full of the strange and uncomfortable moments of real life.

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