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An Alien Stole My Skateboard - Full Length Play, Comedy

An Alien Stole My Skateboard

Randall Lewton

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Full Length Play, Comedy

10m, 3f, 20boy(s) or girl(s)

ISBN: 9780573050978

In a suburban bedroom three boys Don, Bryn and Shaun, are "immersed in a world of fantasy, a world where good and evil meet in battle across a landscape of the imagination"

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Full Length Play


Fantasy, Adventure, Theatre for Young Audiences

105 Minutes

Time Period - Contemporary, Present Day

Settings Of Play -

There are many different scenes in the play and to ensure that scene changes are quick it is best not to have elaborate sets. Items of furniture which can be brought on and off the stage quickly can suggest a setting. We also used free-standing cut-outs made of hardboard as backgrounds.

Don's bedroom: bedspread and pillow on rostrum, "wall" with dungeons and dragons posters, table with games equipment

Royal palace: wall hangings with royal crest attached to curtains

Snithan's castle: cut-out castle windows on rostra

Outside school: cut-out school building in distance

Plains of Guma: rocks, cut-out mountains in distance

Snithan's kitchen: table, cut-out kitchen shelves and oven

If you have a cyclorama, different coloured "skies" for the scenes on Earth and on Wuldor are effective.

The Scruffs: Warning: they will become a producer's nightmare. Ours were of several different types. Some were simply large woollen bobbles made in the normal way. Others were made from rubber balls covered in glue and then rolled in four inch pieces of wool. The former were suitable for attaching to clothing, wires and sticks to be used as puppets, while the latter bounced well and were used mainly at the end of Scene 5. Both types were given stick-on eyes and other features. The nightmare part comes when they are first introduced into your rehearsals. They are irresistible and will start appearing in every scene. Your cast will give them names and want to take them home. You will learn to hate them. The audience will love them though, so they are worth it in the end.


Stage Combat

Unit Set/Multiple Settings

Contemporary Costumes / Street Clothes, Fantasy Costumes


No Special Cautions


Appropriate for all audiences


High School/Secondary

Mean­while, on Wuldor, a parallel world, King Fruma is having a spot of bother with his wicked brother Snithan, and instructs his wizard, Dwimor, to protect his son, Prince Erfa. So, Dwimor transposes Bryn and Erfa, using Bryn as a decoy on Wuldor. How Erfa, with the help of Don, Shaun and Don's hippy parents, rescues Bryn and brings about Snithan's downfall is the subject of this fast-moving, fun-packed comedy. The large cast offers ideal opportunities for schools and youth groups and the staging is very flexible.

" The title is misleading. Does not feature enough skateboarding."      Skateboard Weekly
The play was first presented at Calday Grange Grammar School in West Kirby.


10m, 3f, 20boy(s) or girl(s)


Ensemble cast, Expandable casting, Features Teens, Flexible casting, Room for Extras


As printed, there are many more male than female roles in the play, reflecting our original production. There is no reason, however, why many of the characters should not become female in your production. The following could be changed with only minor alterations to the script being necessary:

Dwimor           Thor           Grongo            Jon           Jan           Headmaster           Some Warriors         Some Guards    Peasants        Trum          Mithgrun          Thrills      Cook        Roy


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