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Derek Benfield

Derek Benfield

Derek Benfield (11 March 1926 – 10 March 2009) was a British playwright and actor. He was born in Bradford, West Riding of Yorkshire, and educated at Bingley Grammar School. As a playwright, Benfield wrote more than 30 stage plays. Benfield had made his acting debut, in Yorkshire in 1948. They were popular in regional venues and with amateur dramatic companies, and were often performed abroad. Beyond a Joke (1979), starring Arthur Lowe, had its premiere at the Shanklin Theatre on the Isle of Wight. Bedside Manners, starring John Inman, had a tour in 1988, and Benfield was still having productions staged in the new millennium.Benfield is best known for his character portrayal as transport company foreman Bill Riley in the UK television series "The Brothers" in the early 1970s. Prior to "The Brothers", he starred as Frank Skinner in the 1970 cult sci-fi series broadcast in the UK, "Timeslip". Benfield’s other television roles included Walter Greenhalgh from "Coronation Street" (1961–69), Albert the Clerk from "Rumpole of the Bailey" (1978–80), "Breakaway" (1980) and "First of the Summer Wine" (1988). Benfield once said, "My family are delighted with my success as a playwright, as it helps to prop up my tottering career as an actor.”


Samuel French Titles by Derek Benfield