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Abbott is Samuel French's new digital platform, designed specifically for play reading. Through Abbott, you can explore a huge collection of digital plays and musicals, ready to read on your mobile device, tablet or computer: anytime, anywhere. Whether reading for rehearsal, line learning, study or for pleasure, Abbott puts the world’s best scripts at your fingertips.


Need a play in a hurry? Want to always have the play you're working on in your pocket? Or do you need a helping hand learning all those lines?

Abbott is a play reading platform you can view on your computer, tablet or mobile device. But plays on Abbott are far more than bog standard ebooks. With enhanced features for actors on selected plays on Abbott you'll be able to...

  • Highlight all your lines at the touch of a button
  • Hide your lines if want to practice, revealing each speech if you need to
  • Jump easily from one of your lines to the next


Learn how you can install Abbott to your tablet or mobile deviceget answers to frequently asked questions, or start browsing the plays available on Abbott now.

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